When Should You Consider Filing for Divorce?

Separating from a marital partner is an extreme measure that nobody who gets married ever wants or expects in the beginning but may become necessary down the road. Ultimately, adult relationships are very complex and sometimes the only rational path forward is to separate in a legally recognized manner with the assistance of professional divorce lawyers in Sydney.

People living in metropolitan New South Wales and facing the prospect of a marital separation may want to consider engaging talented divorce lawyers in Sydney to help represent them in both negotiation and any litigation required. Because there are many complex emotions involved when a couple separates it often requires the professional touch of a solicitor to help each party reach a mutually agreed settlement.

But at what point does a separation become necessary? How can someone who is unhappy in their marriage tell when they have no other options left?

The following will take a look at the signs that you should consider engaging divorce lawyers in Sydney in order to put an end to the partnership.



Infidelity or unfaithfulness/cheating as it is more commonly known occurs when one or both marital partners pursue romantic and/or physical relationships with others, most often without the knowledge of the other spouse. This is probably the most frequently cited reasoning for separation in popular culture as it is antithetical to the concept of marriage as a permanent romantic bond between two people.

If you and/or your partner have not been faithful to each other than engaging divorce lawyers in Sydney can often be the best solution. This is because the sanctity of the marriage has been jeopardized by the behaviour of one or more of its participants.

In Australia, infidelity is not a crime and because of our concept of ‘no fault separation’ it cannot be officially cited as the reason for the separation. In order for an annulment of marriage to be valid in Australia the court must find that there are irreconcilable differences between the two parties.


When fighting begins to impact the lives of children

child being bullied

In the lead-up to many separations, spouses will often engage in long arguments in their home and within earshot of their children. It’s even worse when a child has to witness firsthand how their parents have grown to resent one another and depending on their age they may even blame themselves for the way things are.

Needless to say; children who witness acrimony between their parents can be emotionally damaged for the rest of their lives. If you and your spouse are constantly having severe fights in front of your children, it may be a sign that it’s time to engage divorce lawyers in Sydney.


When one or both of you are no longer happy

Sometimes adult relationships tend to just fizzle out naturally and it becomes apparent that one or both of you want something different from the rest of life. These kinds of separations aren’t necessarily acrimonious, they just happen when spouses acknowledge that their partnership is no longer practical or desired.

Maybe one of you wants to leave the country to start a new job somewhere else, maybe one of you simply wants to be single for a while or find a new partner who’s more suited. Whatever the reason, the sensible thing to do in this situation is to engage divorce lawyers in Sydney that have the experience and expertise to help you navigate the sometimes complicated process of marital separation.

There’s no shortage of reasons why a separation may become necessary in your marriage, but as long as you are sure to engage professional divorce lawyers in Sydney to help you, you should be able to achieve an ideal outcome.