Things You Need To Know About Rucking In Australian Football

group of men playing football

As far as rucking is concerned, you need a proper coach to teach about all the techniques. As a coach you should train young people so that years of training can help them to become excellent players. When you begin your career as a footballer, it is important to begin with rucking. You have to first improve your skills to be a good ruckman. As far as the physicality is concerned, not every player develop in the same fashion at a certain age. It is an important factor which needs to be considered.

Training method

  • You can ask the team mates to practice rucking against each other. You assign a 3rd player to throw the ball.
  • You can create a small team of 5 players where you will introduce rovers as well in the mix. You teach them to play different positions alternatively, be it ball thrower, rover or ruck.
  • It is important for every Bulldogs NRL player to practice every position during the practice session. Of course, eventually they will settle into the position they are best at. However, in the early days it is really important for them to choose the position they prefer.
  • Next up, you need to teach to do proper jumping. Let them jump for the ball. However, injuries might follow. Therefore, you need to teach them to avoid injuries.
  • You should tell the players that there is more to rucking than simply rucking the ball. It is really important where you hit the ball. Where you intend to run is also important.
  • You have to consider the fact that most ruckman tend to be right handed.  This can be a big factor as far as the direction of the play is considered. He might throw it in the left direction. You can put up defense according to this.
  • It is the duty of the ruckman to throw the ball into a space where his team mates can easily reach.
  • The most important thing to remember that you should let the players to engage in trial games during practice. It should happen on a weekly basis. If you wish to advise your ruckman then you can use the runner for the same purpose.
  • There are common mistakes. You should remind them about those mistakes so that they can correct them.
  • It is really important to get the ball before your opponent when you are high in the air. This can be achieved by stretching your arms as high as possible so that you have a shot at the ball. Most players fail to do so. As a coach, you can correct them to stretch their arms as high as possible.
  • As a coach, it is your duty to mould the players. With right kind of training methods you will be able to help them in this regard. It is about realizing their potential and helping them to utilize their potential at maximum level. Physical fitness is extremely important. Regular practice is even more important. And you should train them to withstand various weather conditions.