How Remote Internships Can Help You Build Your Career

man using his laptop for his remote internships

Remote internships have really taken off in 2020. With so many graduates and students in lockdown and unable to leave home, it’s been a hard year and many people aren’t feeling very confident about their career prospects, luckily innovation has paved the way and remote internships seem to be the way of the future for many grads now looking to build their careers. The great thing about virtual work experience is that you can do it from anywhere in the world at any time, making it ideal for balancing work, study and other commitments. Remote internships have been quickly taken up by many large and reputable companies are allowing grads to realise their potential and build their resumes even from their own homes.

Many grads re now able to add prestigious organisations to their resumes thanks to remote internships and have been able to continue pursuing their careers, so there’s no doubt that virtual working is here to stay. Here’s what you need to know about remote internships and how they can help you build your career.

They’re flexible

One of the best things about remote internships is that they are very flexible. Not only can they be done from anywhere in the world but also they can be conducted in many different ways to suit different people and schedules. Many organisations, for instance, may offer part of full-time internships options or different hours, interns may, for example, opt to do 10, 20, 30 or even 40 hours a week. The duration of the work experience can also be flexible, from a short few weeks to a number of months and unlike some in-person programs that have strict start dates, many remote internships can be run at any point in the year. One of the reasons that many grads love them is that they’re allowing people to take part in work experience from anywhere, for students unable to travel this means they can take part in their dream work experience opportunities.

Boost your career

woman having a virtual work experience

Remote internships offer students and grads unparalleled opportunities to boost their careers. They give people the opportunity to build networks and get great hands-on work experience in a unique environment. Virtual work experiences give grads a number of great tools to use in the workplace and teach them valuable skills that many employers will value. Virtual work teaches you to be able to work well with others, it teaches grads great communication skills as well as teaching them to be able to work well autonomously and without a great deal of oversight.

Many of the skills learned during virtual work experience can be easily translated to the office and can be a major advantage in the workplace, giving students and grads invaluable digital skills. With flexible working arrangements and work from home policies becoming increasingly common, there’s little doubt that the skills learned during virtual work experience will be crucial in the future. Taking on virtual work experience is a great way to build your resume in an environment that teaches skills that are just as valuable, if not more valuable than traditional work experience teaches.

Virtual work is now becoming the way of the world and the trend is starting to accelerate now due to recent events, so now is the time to learn how to thrive in a flexible working environment and brush up on your digital literacy skills. Many large and reputable companies and conglomerates are adopting virtual approaches and this is now having a trickle down effect to smaller businesses so well virtual work experience are well worth it for grads.