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Why You Should Get Paella Party Catering

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Paella party catering is a great way to host and event if you are having a lot of friends or family attending. All over Australia paella party catering is the perfect opportunity to enjoy delicious food with great company.

There are many different ways to enjoy the party as you can get it cooking outside. It’s a great way for everyone to crowd around and socialize while the food is cooking away. This way your kitchen stays clean and you won’t have any unwanted guests going through your belongings either.

The price

Paella party catering is very affordable most likely coming down to around $20 per head. Keep in mind that a lot of paces tend to have a minimum of people required for ordering, so if you don’t have enough people coming make room in your fridge for some leftovers.

If you can’t get away from cooking your own meals you should try doing it yourself as well. However you do have to invest in the proper equipment such as a paella pan and burner. Paella party catering is a quick way to save money and time when you are planning your next event.

The questions to ask when ordering

When choosing a paella party catering it is important to ask some basic questions to ensure that you’re getting the best possible quality meal. Be on the lookout for businesses using cheap ingredients to help them save costs at your expense.

Here are some of the questions that you need to be asking your paella party caterer.

What type of rice do you use in your paella?

You will find that a lot of caterers tend to use a risotto type of rice due to it being mush cheaper than the alternatives. When you taste both premium and cheap ingredients, you will notice a considerable difference in the quality of the dish. Look for places that serve short grain rice that are able to absorb a lot of juices.

What type of stock do you use?

Make sure that the paella party catering company that you order from makes their own stock. The difference of handmade stock and powder boosters is quite considerable. Handmade stock ensures that the dish you are getting is healthy and free from MSG and other artificial boosters.

What type of chorizo do you use?

Different brands of chorizo are obviously better than others. Make sure you do your research to make sure that the paella party catering business that you’re ordering from isn’t using the cheapest ingredients for larger profits at the expense of their customers.

Do you use turmeric or saffron powder?

To the human eye it can be quite difficult to distinguish which powder is used, however you will definitely taste the difference. Saffron added straight to the paella when it is cooking will make sure that the dish experiences the full-flavour hit from the spices.

One thing to look out for

If you’re looking at getting paella party catering there’s one thing in particular that you should remember. If the food is cheap, it’s probably cheap for a reason. Good paella can’t be created with cheap ingredients so if you really want a new and delightful dining experience you should look at options that aren’t the cheapest you can find.

Regardless of what dishes you do end up choosing you will be granted with a grant talking point for your party and are sure to make it memorable for all those involved.