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Why You Need A Mobile Truck Tyre Changer

Mechanic with Large Wrench in Hand Taking Look at the Wheel in the Truck Service Center.

Have you experience a breakdown in your heavy vehicle before and had to deal with serious delays? Breakdowns can be costly and stressful, especially for transport and logistics vehicles, mining and agricultural vehicles or buses and tractors. Puncture or damage to tyres can be a serious problem and could leave you in a precarious situation, stuck between destinations. For many drivers in remote locations, help could be quite a while away, this is where having the right tools available comes in handy. A mobile truck tyre changer can help you to get back on track quickly and prevent further delays. If you own or drive a heavy vehicle, having a mobile truck tyre changer on hand is one of the best things you can do for yourself as it can save you some serious headaches now the road. A mobile truck tyre changer is a must in any truck owner’s arsenal, they provide a quick and convenient way to change flats or damaged and old tyres. There are a lot of different designs made to suit specific vehicles types.

What exactly is it?

A mobile truck tyre changer is a machine that is designed to help truck owners handle removing old tyres quickly and easily whilst on the road. They make it safe to remove them and make the job simple and easy. Heavy vehicle owners will find that there are many different mobile tyre changer brands available out there with machines built for a variety of vehicles include semi-automatic and manual vehicles. The machines can be purchased from heavy vehicle supply retailers or found online.

What other tools should you have?


In addition to a mobile truck tyre changer, you should also consider adding a truck jack, wheel balancer and other equipment to your collection. Here’s a few things that every heavy vehicle owner should have to hand:

Truck jacks

A truck jack is much more heavy duty than a standard vehicle jack and is capable of giving your vehicle the lift it needs for a tyre change or to help you perform other work on it. These help to provide you safe access to perform work on your vehicle. You should choose a tool that is designed for the weight range of your vehicle and make sure you follow the correct jacking procedure when using it to help protect your safety.

Wheel balancers

A wheel balancer is also a very good tool to have on hand as it helps you to ensure the safety and reliability of your wheels which is essential in heavy vehicles. Wheel balancing is basically the procedure of equalising the weight of your wheels to ensure that they are spinning smoothly and equally, after a tyre change with your mobile truck tyre changer a wheel balancer can help you to ensure that all of your wheels are properly calibrated which can help you to avoid any blow-outs, punctures or damage to your expensive vehicles wheels whilst on the road.

There are other basic tools you may want to consider adding to your kit whilst on the road, including electrical tape, wire strippers, screw drivers, air pressure gauges and a number of wrenches available. These tools can come in handy when you experience a breakdown on the road and could possibly help you to avoid serious and costly delays. If you’re not sure what kind of equipment you should keep on hand, speak to your mechanic as they will be able to show you how to do basic repairs and maintenance which could save you a lot of hassle in the future.