What are the differences between helium and air balloons?

What are the differences between helium and air balloons?

Although many people recognise that there is a difference between the standard helium and air filled balloon, when asked many people aren’t able to properly explain what kind of differences exist in the first place. It’s no help that most companies and industries don’t provide a clear cut elaboration on what is different between the two balloons anyways. In any case, it’s important to understand the difference because if you’re going to purchase balloon decorations for your party, you need to purchase the right balloons for the right situation.

When it comes to distinguishing between helium and air filled balloons, you’ll find a number of different factors in play such as:


The lasting time – When you’re looking at latex balloons that has been coated with Hi-Float to enhance the helium inside the balloon, it can last anywhere from around 9 to 10 hours. Foil or Mylar balloons on the other hand can stay afloat from anywhere between three to four days. With the correct materials used and helium used as the float mechanism, you can even find balloons that will stay inflated for up to a month.


Conversely, air filled balloons will not last anywhere near as long. It is important to note that taking balloons outdoors should be avoided as much as possible. Balloons will react badly once vulnerable to heat outside as the heat will increase the rate at which helium escapes from the balloon. So make sure to keep this in mind for when inflating balloons for your event.


The cost of balloons – When it comes to a price factor between balloons, it is important to note that when balloons are filled with helium it is much more expensive to sustain than air. However, it is important to factor in how long helium balloons will last. If you plan to use these balloons for a longer period, helium could be a much better investment than air filled balloons.


Shape, size, graphics and designs – Although both balloon types can both be customised to have the same kinds of written messages, or graphics and designs, it should be said there is a big difference here between helium and air balloons. Unlike air filled balloons, Mylar and foil balloons filled with helium can come in many different, special and unique shapes and sizes that air balloons cannot. For example it would be difficult for air balloons to shape as animals, characters or even people. If you’re looking to find an interesting character balloon, especially at a children’s birthday part, Mylar balloons with helium are the way to go.


Refilling balloons – When latex balloons have been filled with air and their ends are cut off, they cannot be refilled again. Conversely if you decide to go with Mylar balloons that are filled with helium, you’ll notice that you can actually refill them with helium once the helium inside begins to leak out. This will be much more cost efficient for you if you decide to use balloons over a prolonged period.


The density of balloons – Helium as an element is much lighter than air. What this means is when balloons have been filled with gases such as helium, they will generally rise much higher than their air equivalents. This can lead to much more fun parties, especially for kids or when designing specific party events such as weddings.