Overseas Traveller Tips for the Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

helicopter ride

Overseas travelers arrive in their thousands each and every year to take part and get the best experience with the Grand Canyon helicopter ride.

These exercises are seen as a great way to get in touch with nature and soak up one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Amassing millions of years of natural history, this is a landmark not to miss out on for singles, couples, groups and families wanting to see the Grand Canyon for their very own eyes.

Yet engaging in any activity overseas requires a bit of diligence and preparation beforehand to get the most out of the experience.

Here we will look at some steps that tourists can take to ensure they are maximizing their itinerary.


Get Your Starting Point Right

The great news for those overseas travellers who want to get the most of their Grand Canyon helicopter ride is that there are multiple pickup and drop off location points depending on the outlet. Of course the state of Arizona is rich with chopper providers who peruse their native habitat, but there are also others centered in Colorado and even Las Vegas where tourists can put down their gambling chips and engage in a wonderful nature experience. Run a rule over your itinerary and see which pickup and drop off point would suit your holiday logistically speaking, then the organisation can help to manage the rest of the trip with you.


Prepare For Unique Helicopter Experience

A Grand Canyon helicopter ride is unlike any other experience you will have and with this program, you will soon discover there are some features that will separate it from other activities in the USA. The sensation of flying in this machine is akin to riding an elevator at a great height and with a headset that allows you to listen to the tour guide, it is recommended that travellers who experience motion sickness address this issue beforehand. Clients are also limited by the luggage and equipment they can bring onboard, even including small items like backpacks and sunglasses. Speak to the provider before being weighed for the flight to see what can be taken onboard.


Bring Cameras and Phones

No matter if you are arriving from Asia, Africa, South America, Europe or Australia, taking part in a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is the perfect scenario to bring your digital cameras and smartphones. This is a location that offers scenery to die for with an incredible aesthetic and vast landscape that ventures as far as the eye can see. Have these items ready to go and if you need to organize a window seat early, get in touch with the service provider to ensure you get those great snaps for your personal collection and social media pages.


Aerial vs. Landing Tour Options

A standard Grand Canyon helicopter ride will accumulate approximately 45-50 minutes if leaving from Arizona State locations, but up to 3 hours or more from Las Vegas. With that in mind you might want to consider taking an aerial tour that lets you soak in all of the great sights without having to stop. It is also the cheaper option, although for those that want a truly intimate experience and have reserved the day for the placement, a landing stop is well and truly worth the investment.


Save Time and Cash For Other USA Activities

Signing up for a Grand Canyon helicopter ride puts you right at the centre of one of the most lavish and stunning natural landmarks on planet earth, yet there are so many fantastic opportunities for overseas travellers here in Arizona State to take advantage of. From the South Rim to the Bright Angel Trail, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah, the picturesque Havasu Falls, the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado or the Colorado river rafting exercises, there is plenty to see and do just a short travelling distance from this magnificent site.