The Intricacies of a Deceased Estate Clean Up

A deceased estate clean up can be one of the hardest things to go through in your lifetime. When a loved one passes there are several heart wrenching things you have to do. Telling your friends and family that you, and possibly, they have lost someone you love can be distressing. It can throw up all sorts of emotions you never knew you had. Your reaction to your loved one passing can show you just how much you really cared about them. Not only that but you will see the effect that person had on the lives of those around you. You may be surprised to find just how many people share in your understandable grief.

A deceased estate clean up can leave you feeling tired both emotionally and physically. Having to go through the house or apartment picking apart their life and choosing what has value to keep and what should be thrown away is difficult. Physically you will be moving objects that may not have been touched in years, bending down in positions you haven’t assumed in years and fighting through clutter covered with dust. Not an enjoyable experience. Not only that the deceased estate clean up will leave you mentally drained. Sifting through someone’s life is going to affect anyone. Different pieces you find, will affect in you in different ways. You may feel euphoric at times, remembering your good friend and the great things they did as an individual and great things you did together. At other times, you will be in tears as you are reminded that times like these cannot be repeated and you have lost one of your closest companions. A deceased estate clean up is not something to be taken lightly at all.

abandoned house


With that in mind, you should think about getting a company to help you out with the deceased estate clean up, someone who will do all the heavy lifting and assist you through this tough time. Before hiring one of these professionals it is worth remembering to think about the most common items that are left behind. You will then have to make a decision on whether to keep, store or sell these. With that in mind here is a list below of common items included in a deceased estate clean up.


Hazardous Waste

A deceased estate clean up is sure to throw up some hazardous waste. If a house has been inhabited for 50 years by the same people, junk will pile up and hazardous junk even more so. From paints, to oil to old batteries there are plenty of things that may be uncovered. For this reason, it is best to get the professionals to help so you or none of your loved ones get stricken down with any health issues.



It may not be the case just yet, but in future generations, it will be scary to think how much electronics will be lying around a person’s house. With the rate of advancement of technology, goods get replaced within a few years which means when the professionals helping with a deceased estate clean up come in, they will have numerous gadgets to remove from the premises. Electronics that are well past their sell by date and only wanted as collectors’ items.


Garden clean up

While carrying out a deceased estate clean up you may find that the garden is in even worse condition than the house that is being emptied of all it’s contents. The grass has gone months without being cut, while there are weeds everywhere and numerous climbing plants making their way up whatever they can cling on to. Most gardens have a shed at the end full of old objects that have made their way from the house over the years. You are guaranteed to find something of value, and a lot more of no value whatsoever.


garbage bags full of trashes



The house your cleaning up will be full of used furniture and heavy items such as wardrobes, beds, mattresses and couches. A deceased estate clean up service can help you choose whether to sell and throw out these items using their experience with similar jobs they have done. For example, most dispose of mattresses and beds as they aren’t desirable options to be bought second hand. These are thrown away. However, shelves and wardrobes are usually sold off second hand to will purchasers. Having them collect the item, takes away the pressure for you to get rid of them too.

A deceased estate clean up is a tough job. It is best to get professionals in to help you out but whether you go down the route of doing it yourself or getting a helping hand, it can be an emotionally testing time so be aware of what treasures await and what memories may be revived.