Procedures for chopping your tree

If you are in need of a tree cutting service to take down some pesky branches or chop down the whole beast there are plenty of options out there. When these large plants get overgrown they can cause a number of problems. Branches can fall in the wind, causing safety concerns while older ones can take away from the aesthetic beauty of your garden as well as blocking sunlight from making its way into your house. Getting a professional in to help with any of your garden needs will be the best thing you can do, and will transform your garden before your eyes, making it look a lot tidier than before.

There are many reasons to call a tree cutting service, some of which are outlined below.


Lopping, the severing of branches and stems between branch unions as defined by the ACT Tree Protection Act of 2005, is actually illegal. With the propensity to cause disfiguration on trees as well as inhibiting new and continued growth, lopping without official approval has been outlawed by the people in power. Tree cutting services must be wary of this when called in to do a job and act with caution and within the law. Severing the branches must be done within health and safety guidelines and take into account the surrounding nature.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is the removal of a stump to below ground level. The hole that has been left is usually filled back in with wood chippings so as not to leave a safety hazard or to look unsightly. A tree cutting service can carry out this procedure with ease for you. Using a stump grinder, a power tool with a rotating cutting disc, the stump will have disappeared within minutes. While possible to rent or buy from DIY shops, it’s usually recommended that only professionals deal with this sort of equipment as it is highly powerful and can be dangerous if used the wrong way. For bigger jobs, they can be attached to tractors.

Whole removal

A tree cutting service can help you with taking at the whole plant. I remember as a child after an especially windy night, waking up to find a whole branch from a chestnut plant had fallen over the neighbour’s wall damaging part of their garden and their expensive decorative statues they had. A tree cutting service was called into to take down the whole thing. Not only did it remove the chance of a repeat, it made the respective houses much brighter for the whole year.

On a separate occasion the decision was finally made to cut down a eucalyptus plant that had been “bleeding” for at least ten years while being tied to its healthier brother with a hose for the same amount of time. Leaning over at close to a 45-degree angle for that time, it’s removal was long overdue. The tree cutting services were called and after a day or two of highly specialised work, it was removed. The specialist while rolling out the severed parts, took the chance to explain the rings on the inside of the trunk indicated how old it was which was very helpful as he disposed of the remains.

The specialist services of a plant specialist will set you back some money but, in the end, it will be worth it as they not only improve the aesthetic beauty of the area surrounding your house but can also keep you safer in the long run. You wouldn’t want a repeat of my childhood, waking up to find a large branch hanging over your neighbour’s garden wall!