6 great reasons to invest in awnings for your home

Adding window awnings to your home can provide multiple benefits beyond just looking fantastic. They are very easy to install and provide a long list of benefits for any residence they are added to.

Let’s take a look at 6 great reasons you should invest in window awnings for your home.

Kerbside appeal

One of the most popular reasons for installing window awnings is for their aesthetic appeal. They provide an easy means of enhancing the curb appeal of your property and also make the house look bigger from the outside.

Because awnings come in a wide variety of patterns and materials, it’s easy to choose something that perfectly suits the aesthetic of your home. Upgrading your home in this way also adds to your resale value should you ever decide to sell.

Save on your utility bills

Installing awnings on your windows means you’ll start to notice savings in your monthly bills. This is because they help to reduce the amount of heat that is trapped by your windows and released into your home, in turn reducing the amount of cooling you will need to compensate for it.

Similarly in winter, they will help reduce the amount of cold air that is trapped by the windows, reducing the amount of heating you will need to pay for. All-round, they are perfect for reducing the cost of temperature control in your home.

Environmentally friendly

When you reduce the amount of power you need to use for temperature control, you reduce your carbon footprint as you are putting less demand on the main power grid. This also adds value to your property as new homebuyers are environmentally conscious and look favourably on any additions that make the modern lifestyle more sustainable.

Protect your furnishings

The harshness of the sun, especially in summer can cause significant bleach damage to the colours of your couch, your carpet or anything else that gets caught in the rays. These UV rays can cause the colour to fade very quickly in lots of your furniture and furnishings.

Awnings will help block the UV rays from entering you home and as a result protect your belongings from further sun damage.

Added living space

Using awnings on your home will help to add some extra living space simply by extending the amount of shade you have. You can create a patio area underneath that’s ideal to sit out and relax with a cup of tea or coffee and guests will love it.

Since they aren’t prohibitively expensive, you can go big and get an even larger area of shade coverage. This also, obviously, adds value to your home as buyers notice the added outdoor relaxation space.

Greater protection from outdoor elements

If your home has any kind of landscaping underneath its windows then awnings can be a great idea to protect them. Even with a good guttering system, rain can still run down the side of the house and cause an overflow in your garden around your windows.

Awnings will help to divert the rain more evenly around your home and protect your window frames from water damage that breaks down the seals. This helps add to the longevity of your windows.

As you can see, there are many distinct advantages to installing window awnings in your home. Between their aesthetic appeal, their ability to save you money, their environmental friendliness, their ability to protect from UV rays, their ability to add living space and the way in which they protect from outdoor elements, investing in window awnings is a no brainer.