The benefits of having a motorised gate

Image: Pixabay

All properties both residential houses and commercial buildings need some form of security. Fences and gates make the most effective safety parameters for your property. Gates are the entry and exit point to the premises so extra time should be put into considering which model is right for your situation.

Security isn’t the only thing that gates provide; they also enhance the aesthetics of the property. No matter what stile you go for; boom, sliding or swing, a motorised gate is the best and logical choice to make. Whether it is automated or manual here are the benefits of having a motorised gate.

They’re more secure

Having a motorised gate comes with an automatic lock or manual button to operate the gate. If you opt for an automated gate it can also boost the security for your property. Staying in your vehicle lowers the risk of other factors happening outside of your car including damage to your vehicle or potential muggings.

They’re convenient

Automated motorised gates are convenient for anyone entering or exiting a property. Having the option to stay in your vehicle whether it’s late at night or raining is just an added bonus. Once you install one you’ll never want to go out and move the gate yourself again.

The durability of the gate

When these devices and manufactured and developed, their durability and functionality are taken into consideration. The gates are created to withstand harsh weather conditions as they are primarily used outside. If you live in a cyclone prone area or are worried about harsh sunlight or rain, opting for this type of model may be the right choice.

They are space efficient

Automatic sliding motorised gates are perfect for any property that is lacking in space. Since it slides it doesn’t have to occupy a large area and the landscaping of your property isn’t sacrificed. No longer having a hindrance of a swinging gate or one that is manual, you save room for your parking space and don’t have to worry about any gates hitting your vehicles.

Certain conditions require different gates

The layout and style of your property can be an important factor when considering the type of security parameters for your property. For example if your property is on a slope, a traditional swing gate would not be effective. If the driveway is narrow, opting for a swinging gate would be the favourable choice.

Look at your property and understand what would best fit. If you’re on a slope that is also narrow choosing a motorised swinging gate could combat the potential risk of the gate hitting any entering or exiting vehicles. Strong winds could also lead to accidents with non-motorised parameters. The extra strength will save you from the elements.

They enhance the aesthetics of the property

Gates are very customisable and can accommodate for any different type of personal preference. The size, material and colour are just some of the things can you can decide. It can be created to match your home’s exterior style bringing together a more finished look.

As a bonus as your house looks nice from the exterior and has the added safety benefits, it would increase the property value if you ever wish to sell.

So if you’re building a new property or are just after some better safety parameters, a motorised gate is the way to go. When you look at the benefits that they offer, they simply out-weight the benefits that alternatives would bring.