How to select the best bathroom sink

You might not have ever spent any serious time thinking about bathroom sinks, but when it comes to renovating a bathroom it’s a decision you’re going to have to make. It’s an important decision because the sink is the focal point of the bathroom as several different activates from brushing teeth to shaving occur in front of it.

As well as being somewhat of a showpiece for the room, the sink needs to be functional as well. When it comes to sinks there’s no end of varying styles and designs which also come in many different sizes.

The majority of sinks will have two different styles, one with faucets and one without. If you are going with the latter option, choose the faucets before you choose a sink.

Depending on the style of countertop or vanity the bathroom is using, there are several different mounting options for your sink, such as:


This kind of sink needs the countertop to have a large enough hole so that the sink can be dropped in. Once dropped in the rim of the sink should sit over the countertop’s surface and fit snugly.


As opposed to drop-in sinks, this style is installed underneath the surface of the countertop. This makes it so that the bowl of the sink sits beneath the surface of the countertop.


Sinks like this will have a pedestal setup in which the usually porcelain sink is supported by a pedestal base also made of porcelain.


This kind of sink is designed to look like a bowl sitting above the countertop. They will often be pre-packaged with the own vanity or integrated faucet system.


Wall-mounted sinks are a great choice when working with tight confines in a smaller room. Despite the space saving convenience, they will often need you to install the water supply behind the wall which may prove extremely expensive.

How to make the right choice

The style of sink that you choose to go with will also determine the types of material you can expect to find it in. For example, vessel sinks often have a far wider variety of materials they can be made of including bronze, marble and even wood.

Take consideration of the layout of the bathroom’s plumbing and consult a plumber if you are unsure of how your pipage will work with a new sink setup.