3 ways to save money on bathroom renovations

Whether we want a fresh upgrade or want to add to the selling value of our property, there comes a time when it’s necessary to renovate the bathroom. Because, like the kitchen, the bathroom is a complex room with lots of water features it can be very costly to renovate.

Many people get bogged down in the costs of renovating their bathroom and it quickly gets out of control as more and more unexpected bills pile up. To abound flushing away all your money, let’s take a look at the 3 best ways to save money on a bathroom renovation.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it

A total bathroom refit is where a lot of the money disappears, and it isn’t necessary a lot of the time. Unlike the living room, moving something in the bathroom is much more expensive simply because of how hard wired everything is.

If you leave everything where it is, you stand to save a big load of cash on the labour costs of moving and reconfiguring water connections.  A smart move is to use the money you save to instead upgrade the features rather than moving them.

Be careful about how much tiling you use

Tiles may be small individually, but the cost of them in a whole room can add up. This is especially true if you’ve misjudged the cost and have chosen a fairly elaborate kind of tile.

If you need to save money with regards to tiles, consider only covering half the wall or only in the sections that are in contact with water. This is why it’s smart to plan to cost of every detail ahead of time and not make decisions on a whim.

Stick to a minimalist approach

The best thing about the contemporary minimalist style is that it saves money as well as caters to the lowest common denominator of taste. This is important when reselling your home because you don’t want to alienate potential buyers with an overly elaborate bathroom.

Make sure to stick with one major focal point in the room, like the sink, and invest in that. For example, a minimalist bathroom with a special material vessel sink is sure to impress visitors.

The best way to save money is not to over-capitalise believing that you will get a scalable return on your investment. Only invest in bathroom renovations that are going to add value for the largest amount of buyers possible.