DIY skills that tradies know by heart

Good DIY isn’t all about having the skills but about knowing the tips and tricks that tradies use routinely to make their jobs faster and easier. Follow these tips and you too will enjoy better results in half the time.

Make marks for sawing

Make sure you always cut on the correct side of the timber with this trick. Simply draw on a measurement mark and draw a second one angled away from the wood you wish to keep.

Loosening a stuck screw

If you encounter a screw that refuses to budge, grab a screwdriver and a hammer. Stick the screwdriver in the screw as if you were removing it and then tap the screwdriver with the hammer.

This will remove and paint or rust that’s sticking to the screw and will make it easier to remove.

Don’t use a drill for small screws

When you’re installing small screws for hinges and small latches, trade the power drill for the humble screwdriver. The screwdriver will allow you to be more precise, save power, make less noise and it won’t strip the screw’s head.

Handsawing gunslinger

If you want more control while using your handsaw, hold the handle like a gun using your index finger extended out. This finger allows to you aim your sawing so you can be more accurate.

Wear the right safety equipment

Less of a secret and more common sense, always wear the proper safety equipment no matter what job you are doing. Don’t work alone on a ladder if you don’t think it’s safe and always make sure you take every safety step seriously.

Saw with your thumbs up

In order to help keep the handsaw from wobbling around when you start a cut, use the thumb of your free hand as a guide. Slowly shift your hand away from the saw as the cutting rhythm picks up.

Keep your tools sharp

Sharper tools mean a quicker job with better results. Make sure you give your handsaw a replacement blade every now and then as they can dull very quickly.

The blades of a power saw can be resharpened professionally but it’s good to have a spare on hand.

Drilling into tiles

Simply put a piece of tape on the tiles where the drill is going to be used as it will keep the drill bit from moving across the tiles as it digs into them. Make sure to use a masonry drill bit and that the drill is turned off from its hammer setting.