Why You Should Utilize a Busy Light For The Entire Office Department

a laptop in a table with a desk light


It might not be apparent to your owner or department head just how a busy light can improve the performance of your office.


This is an environment that requires diligence, understanding and performance when it comes to managing customers, consulting with clients and communicating vital information between employees and employers.


So if this is the setting that has been established, why do businesses continue to implement poor practices to see disturbances, missed calls and interrupted calls become part and parcel of a normal working day?


The good news is that there are communication brands and providers in the market that offer solutions to these problems.


What was once considered just a byproduct of running a busy operation with a customer service desk and employees dealing with a hot line of department contacts is now an excuse not to tackle the problem.


Here is why the implementation of a busy light makes sense:

Customized Signals

There is not a handbook that explains the best means of implementing a busy light. Your software provider will have automated signals that offer a rationale behind the colour scheme. From green that issues an availability to yellow that intimates being on hold, red to busy, purple for the unavailable and white for a technical fault, this is a platform and process that can be catered to your designs. This customization is important because there will be businesses who have to colour code their own products, schemes and processes and attempting to enforce a new standard of procedures simply doesn’t make sense.

Universal Application

The beauty of installation of a busy light is that it can allow an entire department to be functioning universally under the same principles and guidelines. That is a target that is rarely obtained by commercial enterprises as individual interests and interpretation can get in the way of progress. Here, the customer service level, the sales team, the IT department and executive lobby can be functioning under the same practices – a means of securing that much needed degree of uniformity for the sake of the brand.

Utilized With Comprehensive Software Package

By opting into a package that offers a busy light, you can secure a number of other features that proves to be the tip of the iceberg. From adding a security apparatus that requires personal login details to issuing a call log, opening a portal that allows employees to check the status of a caller online to headset upgrades that improves call efficiency, these programs are far from one dimensional. The best piece of advice in this respect is to do your homework, examine the options that are available and invest in a scheme that will provide value to your business.

Improves Employee Efficiency

What can appear to be an imposition on the surface can result in a greater degree of employee efficiency when you gauge the bottom line. A busy light helps to outline to others in the vicinity that a professional is either engaged with a client or has the ability to discuss professional matters. Interrupting calls or missing calls from the customer results in lost business and over the course of a financial year, those details really matter.

Improves Call Satisfaction Rate

Consider this aspect from the point of view of the customer. If a busy light is installed for a business as you make a call, you can rest east knowing that your enquiry can be answered without a problem. There will be a greater imperative to call that company and you can remain a customer knowing there is a sound framework to support your concerns and feedback.