Misconceptions About How An Abortion Clinic in Sydney Operates

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Women who book in for an appointment to see an abortion clinic in Sydney look for clinics like Clinic 66 or other recommended.

Unplanned pregnancies take a major toll on women and what amplifies this anxiety and sadness are individuals who voice lies and fallacies about how they operate.

It is time to address some key misconceptions about the role of an abortion clinic in Sydney.

“Procedures Are Dangerous”

Visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney to receive treatment is no more dangerous than visiting another type of health professional including GPs, chiropractors or dentists. Some side effects have been recorded but of the 80,000 terminations conducted Australia wide in 2017, barely a handful of recipients experienced any major issues that were documented.

“The Fetus Will Experience Pain”

Up until the 24-week mark late into the second trimester, there is no scientific evidence that suggests a fetus experiences any type of pain if the pregnancy is terminated. Such a misconception is common among pro-life advocates who are critical of the role of an abortion clinic in Sydney for local women requiring reproductive healthcare and assistance. Despite assertions to the contrary, this is not a factor at all.

“All Procedures Are Considered Legal”

There is a level of misconception that falls on the other side of the fence for pro-choice advocates who believe that all women are empowered to make any type of decision they wish when seeing an abortion clinic in Sydney. The fact is that NSW is a state with the most regressive laws in Australia as the practice itself is technically deemed ‘illegal.’ There are important provisions that allow doctors to override this law, deeming that any physical or mental health concerns or economic or social factors can come into play. For other states and territories this practice is legal under key provisions, but on face value it is not so within the remit of NSW.

“They Cause Reproductive Health Issues Later”

There is zero evidence to suggest that women who receive important treatment courtesy of an abortion clinic in Sydney will experience reproductive health concerns at a later stage in life. This is a misconception that has been spread by good and bad faith actors respectively, hoping to provide a deterrent measure altogether. There is a litany of examples of women who fall pregnant after these measures have been taken by an experienced gynaecologist.

“Women Are Pressured Into a Decision”

To the contrary – women are empowered to make their own decision on how to proceed when visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney. The specialists will advise bringing partners, parents, close friends and other loved ones into the fold for the emotional support, but they have the option at their own discretion. They will be informed that the best practice for a termination is to occur during the first trimester inside 12 weeks, but they will be informed about adoption services or living as a single parent if they wish to carry to term without the inclusion of a partner present.

“Abortions Are Becoming More Prevalent With Increase In Medical Services”

The facts would counter this assertion that women are receiving terminations at a higher quantity with the expansion of medical services across the country. Published in late 2017, it would be discovered that rates of abortion declined as much as 13.5% over a 12-year period from 2003-2015. This figure can be attributed to a number of elements, including a higher level of education and access to contraceptive care, but it is a lie to suggest that these practices are increasing in any capacity when compared to previous eras or generations.