Month: March 2022

Useful Tips To Make Your Hardwood Timber Floor Bright and Last

With its enticing color and texture, the hardwood timber floor not only makes a wonderful first impression, but it also feels excellent underfoot. Wood has a calming effect that few other materials can match. Your home’s atmosphere may be enhanced by the use of solid hardwood timber floors.

There are a wide variety of timber floor options available today, including solid wood, engineered, and laminated options like parquet. A hardwood timber floor, in contrast to porcelain or ceramic tile, needs additional maintenance. The organic nature of wood makes it more susceptible to harm, despite the fact that it has been treated using sophisticated technology. As a result, below are some guidelines for its upkeep.

Do Not Clean the Filthy Floor With a Mop

When it comes to cleaning hardwood timber floors, many individuals try to save money by mopping right away. Mud is formed when water and soil are combined. Then when you’re wiping a filthy floor, you’re really spreading muddy water across the room.

It is also possible for solid particles on the floor to get trapped on the mop and harm the wood surface. Remove any loose debris by first using a broom or vacuum cleaner to clear the area.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

Hardwood timber floor

Choosing the right cleaning chemicals for your hardwood timber floors may be a challenge since there are so many to select from. The greatest and safest cleaners may be found online before you go to the store. To get started, check with your wood floor supplier to see what they suggest.

Never use an acidic cleaner on your hardwood timber floors. The acid in these cleaners may damage your floor over time. For this reason, never use vinegar to mop up spills on wood floors.

Using too much of a product is another typical blunder. Getting a better clean doesn’t come from using more cleaner than you really need. It actually makes the procedure more difficult since you have to rinse more often to remove any detergent residue. Use the product according to the instructions on the label.

Recoat It Regularly

With proper care and dry conditions, a good hardwood timber floor can last for up to 20 years or more. It is not sufficient to sweep or vacuum the floor. At the absolute least, every three months, a recoat is required.

Hardwood timber floors are sealed during the coating process. It keeps the wood from rotting and makes it seem more refined by covering the pores. Sealants may be water-based or oil-based. For pricey and exotic wood, the former is better because it dries quickly and highlights its colors and textures; the latter takes more time to cure but gives the wood a polished appearance and makes it waterproof.

Let the Professionals Handle the Cleaning

Hardwood timber floors need regular professional cleaning to keep them looking their best. The truth is that a professional cleaner can safely and effectively clean your hardwood floors by removing dirt, grime, and wax that has built up over time and restoring the natural shine to the wood. Because of this, they can assist you figure out whether or not it’s time for your floor to be completely refinished.

Hardwood timber floors may be cleaned and refinished without the effort and expensive expense of sanding when they are cleaned and refinished by professional cleaners. In only one day, a thorough cleaning by a professional will restore your floors to their former glory. They also provide sanding services, so you can get the wood floor you’ve always wanted back again.

However, the sections of your hardwood timber floors that see the most traffic are the ones that will show indications of requiring expert repair sooner rather than later. When it comes to wood floor care, some floors may be just only a polish to bring out their best features, while others may require sanding and recoating to bring them back to their former splendor.