Why You Should Reglaze Glasses rather than Buy a New Pair

We spend so much time on our smartphones, computers and laptop devices that our eyes are quickly becoming used to short distances. As a result, society is battling with a rise in myopia and short-sightedness. This has led to more and more people signing up for prescription glasses to remedy vision issues. Choosing to reglaze your glasses means that if your current pair of specs is damaged or your prescription changes, there is no need to purchase a whole new frame. Instead, all you have to do is replace the lens. Let’s consider several advantages of choosing to reglaze glasses.


Saves you money

Purchasing new lenses can be incredibly costly, particularly if you want prescription spectacles that are of high-quality and reputation.  Choosing to reglaze glasses ensures that you don’t have to fork out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a whole new pair of spectacles. If you don’t have eye insurance, then the cost of purchasing new eyewear will be even higher. For some people, this may not be financially viable.


Saves you time

On top of saving you money, having your lenses replaced can also save you time. Those who wear lenses are fully aware of the time it takes ordering a new pair of spectacles. You have eyes checked for the correct prescription, then you choose the frames you want, you have those frames fitted and then you wait several days, maybe over a week for your spectacles to arrive at your local eye doctor. It’s a very time-consuming process, one that can drag on and waste hours of your precious time.

Choosing to reglaze glasses means that you can skip many of these steps. No re-fitting of the frames or time wasted agonizing over which frames suit your face the best. All it takes is a re-check of your prescription and then out the door.


Keep the style you want

Perhaps you’ve found the perfect pair of spectacles. They improve your look and help build your confidence. One day, however, they fall out of your bag and scratch all over the concrete. Instead of buying a new pair, reglaze your glasses so you can keep the existing frame and maintain the style that you want. There’s no guarantee that your style will always be available at your local optometrist, and on top of this, many styles often go out of fashion and cease production.


Any type you want

Most eye doctors will reglaze glasses of any type. What does this mean? It means that no matter how specific or unique your frames are, chances are your local optometrist will be able to sort out something for you. On top of this, your spectacles’ frames are not the only thing that can be modified during this process. Indeed, chances are your eye doctor will modify nose pads or readjust your spectacles to ensure they fit comfortably on your head.


Your prescription changes often

Your eyes are subject to change a lot throughout your life. Some people are born with eye conditions, while others develop them over time. Some people will always wear spectacles, while others won’t buy their first pair until they’re over 50.

More importantly, chances are your prescription will change quite significantly, a transformation that may take place over a short period of time. As a result, you don’t want to purchase new lenses every time. Instead, owning reglaze glasses ensures that your prescription remains current for your eyes and doesn’t cost you more.

On top of this, keeping your prescription up to date will reduce the likelihood of eye strain or worsening of your prescription, meaning you can keep the same pair for longer.