Why a Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Is The Superior Choice

Delivering a reliable hot water service to your home is a vital aspect that must be prioritised among many other facets of a house. When it comes to undertaking a bath, shower or washing the dishes, it is vital that homeowners can easily rely upon a source that will be consistent all year round and under all conditions.


This is where a mains pressure hot water cylinder is paramount because it showcases the best in human engineering. Past models have been successful for a period with the gravity system and standard boiler among others enjoying an extended run in the market, but for quality and quantity there can be little doubt that the mains pressure hot water cylinder is ideal for those that can invest in the model.


As you visit any number of department stores or speak with gas fitting or plumbing specialists who have expertise in this field, it is worthwhile considering the advantages of sourcing a mains pressure hot water cylinder.


Here we will have a discussion about the benefits of opting for this model as you shop around for a brand and product that will give you the hot water on demand that your family will crave.

Pure Consistency


The evolution that has led us to a mains pressure hot water cylinder is the capacity to source a strong steady tap stream that is equally applicable from the upstairs shower as it is from the downstairs kitchen. Whereas the gravity model was relied upon in past generations, it would be a model whereby one party could only access the best possible stream emanating from the tap. With this steel-made cylinder that can run at 600-1100 kPa, this closed-off product can ensure that water usage can be obtained simultaneously to take into account stronger demand from members inside the house.

Vented System


The vented option for the mains pressure hot water cylinder will store lower amounts of water, yet this works to eliminate risk with overexposure and leaking. This is a model that is safe and easy to install as well as the added advantage of requiring less maintenance after it has been installed. The water remains at atmospheric pressure to ensure quality.

Unvented System


There are more rules and regulations with unvented models of mains pressure hot water cylinder. The larger quantity of water needs a certified professional on site with further maintenance needed to be scheduled. This option allows external pipework to link to the various outlets so the owner is aware of what access points are evident at all times.



There is not doubt that the cost of upgrading a mains pressure hot water cylinder is higher than that of their low pressure counterparts. From the valves to the steel elements, owners often decide on making an upgrade in this department during a larger transition. This will occur typically with a kitchen or bathroom renovation where old formats and structures are updated. Fortunately there is always flexibility with this option to upgrade when the moment calls for it.



Whilst we have outlined many of the benefits that arrive with the mains pressure hot water cylinder, it is important to note some issues that have been evident for users domestically and overseas. For all the evolution that has taken place with this product over the generations, this is still a model that heavily relies upon the quality of the water supply to begin with. The power, stability and quality of the water needs the chain from the property to the mains to be uncompromised under all conditions.


The flow rate and the quality of the product will diminish from the mains pressure hot water cylinder if the supply is compromised, that is an unfortunate and inescapable fact. Continual problems will require you to contact council and seek further assistance for the maintenance of the supply because once this system is established, it is in place for the long-term duration.