What you need to know about proper estate clean up

If you have ever had to deal with a deceased estate clean up, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of years and years of memories, junk and everything in between. Removing items can take days and days while you also have to deal with what to do with each item. Some would prefer to hire a professional house decluttering service and get rid of everything while others would like to sort through what was left in the house, in case there is anything of value, both sentimental and financial.

You may also have items that need to be disposed of in a certain way while others that have so much value they need to be sold on. Dealing with this procedure can also be complicated without the right professional advice. There are certain thing to keep in mind when undertaking a deceased estate clean up which are outlined below.


Make a team

If you want to do an effective and efficient house clean up, you’re going to need the right people around you helping you out. Ask for the help of close family members and friends, who will work hard to get the work done as quickly as possible. The last thing you want are those you are lazy and will take several breaks during the day. The work will be completed quickly if everyone is pulling the same direction.

Assign people to specific tasks so everyone knows what they oversee.  You’ll also need to make a schedule so there aren’t too many people in the house at once. A sure-fire way to annoy people is to put them working in a cramped environment. Give people space to sort through everything and the job will be finished before you know it.


Conduct a stock take

In order to complete a deceased estate clean up effectively, you’ll need your team to conduct a stock take of all the items in the house. Every item should be recorded and put into a few different categories. These categories could include items to sell, items to donate or items to keep among family and friends. You want as little tension as possible when it comes to dividing up who gets what so ensure people know in advance what items they can expect to be coming their way. They should also know if they need to collect certain larger items the cost will fall on them rather than the estate paying for delivery.



Deceased estate clean up will throw up numerous items from decades and decades ago most of which will be of little or no value now. Clothing will be the main item that should be donated. While some clothes will have hold their value if considered vintage, most will not. In this case, charity stores are always willing to take what you have and pass it on to those who are needier.


Hire a professional

In order to decide where more expensive items are going, it’s recommended that you hire an experienced professional to help during a deceased estate clean up. They can draw up the paperwork and handle any legal issues that may arise while making sure everyone is aware of the process taking place.


Stay calm

Deceased estate clean up’s can take a long time and require the work of a lot of people. It is important if you are director of operations to maintain calm at all times. It may not be easy but the calmer and more focused you can stay, the better.

Make no doubt about it, a deceased estate clean up will be easy if you follow these steps.