Tips for avoiding home design arguments

One of the biggest points of disagreement between couples is how to go about the design elements of their homes. Whether it’s the colour of paint, the length of a counter-top or just the style of showerhead, there’s plenty of room for disagreement between otherwise harmonious lovers.

The only way to move pasts these disagreements is to find an acceptable compromise. Let’s take a look at the following tips for avoiding common home design arguments between couples.

Make a room plan

Before you say “but we disagree on that”, listen to this first. You don’t need to make a plan that makes final decisions, only one that outlines what the functions of the room will be.

Determine how the room needs to function for the daily tasks of each person and work that into you decision making. Be realistic first and then make stylistic choices as you finish off.

This helps two people to see the other’s perspective from a pragmatic standpoint, which is much easier to relate to than their subjective evaluation.

Listen, listen, listen

Communication is important in all aspects of a relationship and this is no less true when it comes to home design. Make sure you and your partner are listening to each other’s suggestions and actually understanding them, not just grunting with acknowledgement.

Try and mix your styles together

While this isn’t always possible, it’s the perfect compromise if you can get it to work. Take your favourite elements of both your choices and see if they fit harmoniously into something new but that’s also practical.

Pick your battles

There are times to assert yourself and times you should just let the Wookie win. If a part of the home design is more important to your partner than you, sacrifice that bit for them so they feel like they got their way.

Ideally they would be doing this with regards to areas you find important. Both parties will be much happier if they each get areas they have full control in.

Hire a professional

A sure fire way to end the argument is to call in a professional arbitrator AKA an interior designer. They will cut the crap and give both of you practical advice based on their professional expertise.

While you might have your opinion vindicated by a professional, the same will likely be true of your partner in some elements of the home design. This option is best for those people who really can’t agree and just want to outsource the decisions to a design specialist.