The 6 most popular home improvement projects

Whether you are looking to sell your residence or simply make it better for living in, there are thousands of different home improvement projects that are worth your time. Because most home improvement is designed to increase resell value, success is usually measured by how much of a profit each of these projects generates on top of the final sum.

Many of the best home improvement projects will occur on the exterior of the house as this is the first thing seen by potential buyers and realtors. Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular home improvement projects.

New front door

Many people are realising how much value they can add to their homes just by upgrading the façade or the property. The front door is an part of the house that’s gets a lot more attention that people tend to give it credit for.

This is because, subconsciously, the entryway of the building gives us a vibe about the property as a whole. If you don’t want to entirely replace the door then a new coat of paint or an updated doorknob are great upgrades too.

Include a patio or deck

Recent trends show that home buyers are favouring homes with outdoor spaces like decks and patio’s. These outdoor entertainment areas let people buy into a relaxing lifestyle amongst nature and it’s easy to see why they add so much value to a property they are included in.

Add rooms

While this isn’t always possible, adding new rooms to the house is one of the best things you can do to improve its sell value. Bedrooms are especially precious to home buyers, many of whom are looking for large homes with room for child rearing.

Renovate kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most complicated and closely inspected rooms in any house. Buyers want modern looking bathrooms and kitchens that are hygienic and don’t have any unforeseen plumbing issues associated with them.

Lighten up the space

Buyers prefer well-lit rooms that favour natural light wherever possible. If there are rooms in your home that you know don’t get enough light, remedy this issue with dimmable lights that buyers will love.

Make your home energy efficient

With a growing consciousness for the environmental impact of human living, buyers are increasingly favouring homes with some kind of eco-sustainable inclusions. This can include natural gas heating, incandescent lights and special types of shower and bathroom set ups.