Leather Sofas in Sydney: What To Shop For?

It’s hard to beat a quality leather sofa. Whether you’re sitting back to relax after a long day in the office or entertaining guests at a party, the setting of a comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing sofa can really make a difference – and is very hard for anyone to disagree with.


The question then comes down to a couple of important points:


  1. Where can you find a quality product in the city?
  2. Can you afford one?

leather sofas in Sydney


The answer to these queries will come down to your personal circumstance, firstly on geography and proximity; secondly on finances and how much money you have to play with on a luxurious item.


In a setting as diverse as Sydney where furniture stores come a dime a dozen, sifting through the reliable brands from the knock-offs can be difficult for the uninitiated shopper.


In that spirit, we will discuss the major pointers you should be considering before you make that purchase.



Your internal budget will be the ultimate factor when deliberating on a range of leather sofas in Sydney. Whether you source them in the Southern Suburbs, the Inner West, the Northern Beaches or out West as far as Blacktown, there will be fluctuations in the market.

A typical item in this department will be approximately $2,000 with extras included such as GST and delivery. Bargains can be found from wholesalers who are looking to clear the goods, but a seating arrangement that offers comfort and quality will be worthy of a greater investment.



How will your item match up to the rest of the surrounding décor? Being on the lookout for leather sofas in Sydney will set you on a journey to see what can pair best. Think of any colour that will give a point of difference or camouflage nicely into the rest of the environment:


  • Brown
  • Navy Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • White
  • Off-White
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Teal
  • Neutral


Leather fabrics come in all manner of colours from the wildly extravagant that catches the eye to the conventional by-the-book options that strive to blend in to the background. Think about the context in which you would like your item to fit into your arrangement at home or in the office.



Sourcing leather sofas in Sydney can be difficult if the buyer is on a solo mission and time is of the essence. A majority of service providers will have a team on hand at an extra expense to ensure that the goods are sent to the correct address. What should be kept in mind is the vicinity in which it is being transported, avoiding any tight spaces or obstacles that would slow down or extended the delivery process beyond its natural course. Try and incorporate all situations such as parking into the equation before proceeding.

The Brand


Having trust in a brand can go a long way to determining the purchase of the item at the end of the day. Scouring the market for leather sofas in Sydney will see many names emerge over the course of the research and it will be a personal preference or referral that can make the difference for the buyer. Domestic sellers have an advantage on brand recognition, yet overseas importers often cut down their prices to secure a foothold in the market. Think about their track record before progressing with the sale.



As we can see, there are a number of elements to consider when looking at the variety of leather sofas in Sydney. From the price to the colour, the delivery process and the recognition and reputation of the brand – a sale can be made on the fly or be made after serious consideration.


When you want to spruce up your home there is no shortage of leather sofas in Sydney so all we can say is happy shopping!