How To Know If The Print Shop Near Me Is Suitable

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It is one thing to identify where the printing services near me is located.

It could be across the street, a few blocks away or a short drive to the nearest suburb.

Wherever it is situated, this is an outlet that holds an advantage over the rest of the competition because it is close by and has the market cornered for that constituency.

Does that mean that this provider automatically warrants your printing business, whether you are a casual client or an official business affiliate?

Not necessarily.

As you examine your options, it is valuable to weigh this business up against a series of relevant benchmarks to determine its status within the industry.


Image Resolution Through Pixel Clarity

The software that is on hand to cater to the pixel clarity of the image from the printing services near me must be taken into equation. When viewing an image, there will be small details that speak to the quality of the photo that you are seeing, with pixels being at the forefront of this domain. The PPI will determine the size of the image with an industry standard of 72 being accepted for clarity in this instance.

When it comes to the DPI or dots per inch, this is a setting that ideally starts at 300. Photoshop applications can be used to alter the dimensions to maximize the quality, but this should be a shop that is comfortable dealing with large scale photos and megapixels to obtain the best images possible.


Correct Resizing Practice


When you are on the hunt for a print shop near me, it is important to consider how this outlet handles the resizing of images, particularly when it pertains to enlarging photos. Just accessing Photoshop to increase the height and width is not sufficient when expanding on an image, with a multi-functional tool such as a flatbed scanner. Here the DPI can be adjusted accordingly as the photo does not become overtly pixilated for the file.


Speed of Delivery

It is not going to be evident that your print shop near me is one that is going to be able to print on demand (POD). There are some digital suppliers out there who can cater to that need, but more times than not you are sacrificing convenience for quality.

What should be evident in this circumstance is the capacity to source a provider that understands your time constraints and can offer a same day service for a modest project. The quick turnaround might not be on your agenda, but it is a great asset to have if a promotion is made or an announcement has to be circulated throughout the local community.


Willingness to Listen and to Consult

The phrase “the customer is always right” might not be entirely accurate under all circumstances, but as a client hoping to identify the ideal print shop near me, you are entitled to open and engage with a shop that is transparent. Sourcing these providers is not always an easy task as the front door will not illustrate one way or the other how they handle their customer service obligations.

The important facet here is to find an operator and inform them about your requirements. Should they have flexible packages and recommendations about printing scope, design choice and quantity of order, then you can rest easy knowing you have found a brand that is worth your time and investment.



The print shop near me could enjoy an illustrious history and reputation in the local community, but as a client you have your own unique printing demands that need to be met. Consider how viable this operation is against these benchmarks before settling on the store as your place of business.