Home improvement tools you should add to your arsenal

When it comes to home improvement, repair and maintenance there are plenty of go-to tools and gadgets we constantly rely on. The humble hammer and sturdy screwdriver are both commonly seen in the hands of DIY’ers, but there are plenty of lesser known devices that people could be using to make these jobs much easier for them.

The following tools are useful for all kinds of projects and are sure to be appreciated by those who use them. Let’s take a look at the best home improvement tools people should be adding to their toolboxes.

Voltage tester

A non-contact voltage tester is a great tool for newcomers to home improvement as it lets you know if power outlets are safe to disassemble. It allows you to check if an electric current is still running through the outlet so you can safely unscrew the outer plate.

It also works with light fixtures and the cords on appliances.

Laser level

There’s nothing quite so precise as laser accuracy, and a laser level give you just that. Unlike a spirit or bubble level, this one emits a laser that helps keep everything horizontal when you’re working with shelving and windows.

It can also produce a vertical beam which is very useful for plumbing jobs.

Pull saw

The pull saw is like a miniature, one handed version of a saw that cuts on the pull back. It produces sharp and easy slices and are perfect for any kind of wood that needs clean cutting.

Paint sprayer

Pain sprayers are exactly what they sound like. They save time by allowing you to spray paint an entire gallon within 9 minutes of use.

While not ideal for every kind of painting job, a paint sprayer is great for painting doors and furniture as well as being uses to ally sealants.

Stud finder

Before you point smugly in the mirror, we’re talking about wall studs. A stud finder detects metal behind the wall and helps you to avoid hammering nails into studs by accident.

Telescoping mirror

This tool allows you to check behind places you can get your head around normally.


How many times have you been stuck needing more light while halfway through a job and with your hands full? Kiss those worries goodbye with a headlamp that easily lets you see what you’re doing no matter what the job is.