3 Industries Where An Electrolysed Water Generator Is A Wise Investment

There are a number of useful and moneysaving ways to utilise an electrolysed water generator in your home or office. The concept is rather unique and can do a lot more than give a refreshing and assured disinfection of common germs found in our tapped sources.

An electrolysed water generator should not be considered as an unnecessary expense by any stretch. There are a number of industries that could benefit greatly from the implementation of an electrolysed water generator and today we’re going to jump through a few of them and illuminate the various reasons why they’re not just necessary, they’re wise.

First Thing’s First – What Does An Electrolysed Water Generator Actually Create?

Let’s get the easy part out of the way, an electrolysed water generator utilises electric power to stimulate chemical changes in liquids which affect the principle building blocks of the liquid. In this case the only two ingredients are Salt and H20 – the real magic occurs when the electric current goes through them which produces a solution of hypochlorous acid which is an excellent general sanitiser and natural cleaner.

You can see where this is going, and yes, it is a wonderful alternative to chemical heavy-based cleaners on the market. There are also a few industries that have benefitted (or would benefit greatly) from implementing an electrolysed water generator that can save time, save money, and even a sickness or two.

Let’s jump into a few of the industries that stand to make the most out of implementing such an incredible machine.    

1)            Hospitality

Electrolysed water generator

There are a huge number of surfaces and intermixed areas of hospitality that would benefit greatly from an electrolysed water generator. Particularly in the realm of dishwashing and general cleaning, as there are already a number of disinfecting chemicals in use in the hospitality industry, there is always room for a reliable electrolysed water generator to lighten the consistent exposure to harmful chemicals for staff and the general public over the long-term.

Dishwashers that utilise a main that has one of these implementations attached will find renewed use for the machines as the natural and chemical-free disinfection that rivals typical bleaches. With the great green takeover with other undesirable side-effects of the general hospitality industry (plastic straws, overuse of cleaner etc.) this tool would be perfectly suited for such an industry.  

2)            Healthcare

It should go without saying that having as little interfering material in sanitised environments as possible is a good thing. Enter the healthcare/medicine industry for the next pick of an industry that would benefit greatly from introducing or utilising an electrolysed water generator. There are claims that the resulting substance has a hand in wound cleaning and acceleration of the healing process which we eagerly wait further information and tests on.

That being said, the cleanliness factor of the substance cannot be denied, particularly with the simple addition of electricity to instigate an effective disinfectant and cleaner.

3)            Food Preparation

Food preparation facilities have an expressed need to keep all surfaces as clean and disinfected as possible. In order for the least amount of cross-contamination to occur as possible, it’s always advisable to find a cleaning product that has minimal chemical interference – you see where we are going with this, of course an electrolysed water generator fits the bill perfectly. Considering the liquid itself is non-toxic, even having some accidentally left over will not impact food that is prepared in the vicinity of it.

Whether you work in one of the industries mentioned or simply want a cleaner home without all the chemicals, an electrolysed water generator is perfectly suited for your needs.